It’s been a long winter so far, and yet so much more to go. That hasn’t stopped plenty of players though! Even with windchills near Zero we had dozens of players. And those who have been here got to experience something exciting- our new Compressor and Fill Panel installation! With double the storage and a beefier compressor behind it, we are FINALLY offering full 4500 fills. Whew. See guys? Those entry fees actually do count for something!

In this newsletter we have other exciting news though. From Industry News to Crusader Upcoming, the coming month is going to be really exciting.

Paintball Extravaganza – This February 24th, 25th, and 26th is the annual Paintball Extravaganza, a Paintball Industry Tradeshow and Training Seminar convention. We will be attending again this year, covering more product and getting more answers to your questions. This is also where the tech gets his certifications, so if you have any requests, let us know! We’ll be posting plenty of pictures and reviews from the site, so make sure you subscribe to #CrusaderPB across all your social media accounts.

We are continuing to add more products to the webstore, and images are closely catching up. It’s been quite a journey nailing a proper operating procedure for this new webstore service we offer, but we know the effort and time is worth it. The paintball industry needs long lasting, professional businesses – and that is exactly what we hope to do. The same goes for our social media – our plan for Feb 2015 and onward promises to be full of tech breakdowns, reviews, contests, industry news, and more.

At the fields, our target range upgrades are nearing an end as we complete the installation. It was a fun little side project and we glad everyone enjoys it as much as they do. Some players have asked if we will have some sort of accuracy competition – and maybe we will ;)

For the players, we continue to migrate towards Digital Waivers only. We made the change to digital waivers because the storage and upkeep of paper copies was becoming too costly, and frankly digital waivers are easier for customers – no longer do you have to fill out a physical copy everytime you show up. Just fill it out once digitally and we can access it everytime you check in for the rest of the year. There have been some bugs, but thanks to our customers awesome feedback, we have addressed most of them and it should be painless for all now. We will be enabling the feature for Walk On Reservations shortly as well.

That’s it for February – more prep and more excitement building for the 2015 Paintball Season. Next month we’ll start covering the Paintball Sports Promotions (aka the PSP, the national paintball league) and their entire series. Didn’t know that even existed? Go check them out here


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