Crusader Paintball Newsletter

Welcome to Volume 1 of our Newsletter! And Happy New Year! You’ve got your resolutions made up right? We certainly have. Be better, provide more, better customer service, *insert business tagline here*, etc.

Okay, I don’t really like being that cliche. So for this newsletter, I thought I would take the time to not go over our resolutions, but instead give you a sneak peek of our roadmap for 2015. We did something similar last year, and we were happy to have accomplished all 10 goals. Hopefully we can make a repeat!

1) Bring back our Spring / Summer league and One-Day tournaments – I skipped on this in the previous year, opting to instead focusing on improving the fields. We’re done that, so now with a new air station going in the back, look for our leagues and tournaments to return!

2) Add traditional 50-caliber paintball options – Low Impact 50cal paintball isn’t going anywhere. We’d love to start offering this as another party option for those hesitant about the traditional paintball games.

3) Add Weekday “Streetball” games – This summer we are potentially adding another open weekday for Speedball play only, possibly on Wednesday or Thursday. More information will be posted in March!

4) Complete Arrows field and introduce “Predator” – Arrows field is our newest installation featuring the incredibly fun ‘center flag pole’ objective. We want to finish the installation of the field (to make it a bit longer in design with a larger ‘Dead Man’s Zone’), and begin ground on our biggest field to date – Predator, with a scheduled completion time of 2016 (!)

5) Adopt “Team Pricing” – Look, paintball is too expensive for the everyday player. This year we think we have a solid, effective plan to help players who wish to compete in our wonderful sport the opportunity to do so. We hope to adopt this policy by early summer.

So what about you? What do you wish to do differently this year? And if you are as excited by the coming changes as I am, let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! In fact, we’ll be sharing more content on those channels in the coming weeks, so go follow / subscribe if you haven’t already.

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See you then!

Sean & The Crusader Management