Wednesday Walk Ons

Weekend Warrior on Wednesdays!

I always liked this field. Very easy to get here and some of the best prices to play. The fields are a good size to have fast and exciting games.

Lou F.

August 2021 – Wednesday Walks Ons Return!

It is our pleasure to bring back Wednesday Walk Ons! Now you can get outside and get some exercise while having fun during the weekdays. Wednesday Walk Ons are the same offerings we have on the weekends, making it easy to plan your visit. Reservations are never required but always encouraged! Rental Equipment is available on a first-come first-serve basis, with reservations being filled first, so get yours in today. No minimum for Public Walk Ons, even on Wednesday!

Hours (Effective starting August 4th, 2021) – 10am – 4pm

Registration: Opens at 9:30am. Full Day Play is 10am-4pm.

AM Half Day: Registration 9:30-11:30am, play from 10am-1pm

PM Half Day: Registration 12pm-2pm, play from 1pm-4pm


Anti-Fog Mask Upgrade

Rent a Thermal Anti-Fog Mask for better visibility. You can’t hit what you can’t see!

Neck Protector Rental

Protect your neck…you want battle stories, not battle scars!

Sniper Package

Get a more accurate, faster shooting gun for some extra firepower

Camo Jumpsuit

Protect your clothing from paint and mud with this stylish camouflage jumpsuit

Chest Protector

For extra protection, or to feel like a juggernaut, for just a few dollars!

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