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Get your battle gear on, it’s time to party! Crusader Birthday parties are a great, unique alternative to boring bowling lanes, indoor jungle gyms, or having a bunch of guests destroying your house. Paintball is a safe, outdoor activity that is similar to tag & capture the flag, but with more realism than their video games could ever provide! To make our complete packages, we include everything you need – the rental equipment, enough paintballs for the time period and a private party area / rest area for between-game breaks. There is even a pizza place right next door that loves to deliver to our parties, so it’s truly all you need. Private Parties are an affordable, memorable experience that your child will remember for the rest of his life!

Pre-Reservation Questions

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit for all private parties. The deposit amount is 50% of your party.

Is there a minimum for private parties?

Yes, there is a 10 person minimum for all private parties. If you have less than 10, consider coming to one of our public walk ons, held every Saturday and Sunday. If you honestly cannot have 10 players, you are still more than welcome to play with less than that, but are still required to pay for 10 players.

What is the policy for bad weather or cancellations?

We are open rain or shine. Any changes to party reservations must be at least 7 days in advance. Any rescheduling, due to weather or otherwise, within 7 days of an event will be subject to a $50 Rescheduling Fee. Contact the ProShop to make any changes to your event as soon as possible at 215-949-4600

Do I have to arrive early for a party?

You should anticipate arriving about 45 minutes early in order to get through the registration and briefing process.  So, if you book a 2 hour party beginning at 1:00 pm, you should plan to arrive at our Pro Shop by 12:15 pm. Party leaders should also be advised that our Pro Shop is NOT adjacent to the playing fields – so transportation to and from the Playing Fields will be required. The drive is less than a minute long, but guests are not permitted to walk due to safety concerns.

Is there any food included?

While we do offer a public, covered picnic pavilion for your use and we have a snackshed on site, our private parties do not include food or cake. You are welcome to bring and enjoy pizza/cake for after-game festivities. In fact, the pizza place right next door delivers to our fields almost daily! Please be advised that we do NOT have coolers available on site for food or drink storage.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer large discounts – 10% off for 25-34 people, 15% off for 35-44 people, and 20% off for 45+. All discounts are applied on the day of and cannot be combined with other offers/coupons/discounts.

What to Bring

What else should I bring from home?

Well, first and foremost – spare clothing, and trashbags. The spare clothing to change into and the trashbags for the dirty clothing! A common question is- “Will my son come back covered in paint?” The answer is no, you probably got more paint on you the last time you painted your living room. But, you are outside running around diving, crawling, rolling around in the woods… so you do get muddy.

Bringing in outside food and drink is permitted, or you can purchase food and drink from our snackshed. There is also a great pizza place right next door that delivers to our location almost daily… we’ll be happy to give you their phone number!

Do I need to have a chaperon?

Nope! As a family-friendly facility, we pride ourselves in being the ‘daycare for adults’. The management staff/family here will be more than happy to take your kids off your hands for a few hours… which is perfect for those random school holidays where you have nothing else to do.

Should I tip my referee? What is the norm?

Your referee is the person who prepared your rental equipment, signed it all out, will be with you from the minute you arrive until you leave, and is the person who then cleans all the equipment afterwards. While a tip certainly isn’t expected, it’s always greatly appreciated. The ‘normal amount’ for a tip is about $20-40 (think about it – that ref might have 50 masks, guns, hoppers and tanks to clean!).

Are there any waivers needed?

Yes, we require all players and spectators to have a waiver filled out for their day of play. The waiver must be signed by a parent if the player/spectator is under 18 years old. These waivers are available here on the site (look at the red bar at the top) or can be filled out in person.

How much do more paintballs cost?

$5 for 100ct, $10 for 200ct, $18 for 400ct, and $23 for 500ct

Other Questions

What else do I need? Are there any other fees?

The party packages include everything you need to play. That being said, the party package doesn’t include things like a camo jumpsuit, a chest protector, anti-fog masks, paint grenades, etc. All of these items (and more) can be purchased/rented on the day of play.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a private party reservation by calling our Pro Shop at 215-949-4600. Please be advised that we require an up-front 50% non-refundable deposit when you want to book your time slot, so please have a credit card ready. This means that just calling and talking to a store associate about a party does NOT guarantee your party.

What upgrades/other rentals do you have?

Other than the included mask, marker and tank that come with all of our packages, we have:

  • Camo Jumpsuits (protects your clothing, $12.00)
  • Chest Protectors ($7.00 Daily Rental)
  • Neck Protectors ($5.00 in the ProShop )
  • Anti-Fog Mask ($10.00 Daily Rental)
  • Sniper Package ($10.00 Daily Rental)
  • Ammo Pack ($12 w/ Pods in the ProShop)
  • Electronic Marker Package ($30.00 Daily Rental)
  • Juggernaut Package – Sniper, Anti-Fog Mask, Chest and Neck Protector ($25.00 Rental)
  • Spartan Package – Electronic Marker, Anti-Fog, Chest and Neck Protector ($50.00 Rental)

Please note that all rentals require collateral, and are available on a First-Come First-Serve basis.

What should I expect on the day of? How do games work?

When you get to the playing fields, your group referee will give all the players a safety and rules briefing, and then split the teams up evenly. We have 7 different playing fields, and each game only lasts about 10 minutes. Once a game is over, you go back to your safe zone, wipe off old hits and reload, then go back out to a new field. Rinse and repeat for the duration of your package field time!

Is there a locker room or place for keys?

No, we do not have lockers on site for customer use, nor are Crusader employees permitted to hold onto your personal belongings at any time.  Crusader Paintball and employees are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items in the parking lot, playing field area, staging area, ProShop or facilities. You are bringing your personal items to a public place at your own risk.

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