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Field Rules

There are some rules to the chaos!
    1. All players, parents, friends, spectators, loved ones, hated ones, strangers must have PROPER EYE PROTECTION 40040001DESIGNED FOR PAINTBALL ON AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE PLAYING FIELDS OR IN THE WALK WAYS. Masks must be UNMODIFIED, adhere to ASTM regulations, and be in good repair. Not sure if yours is? Please ask our staff
    2. Every player, every time, needs a waiver signed. Players under the age of 18 must also have a parent or legal guardian sign. These are insurance documents; therefore they WILL need to be completed in full and legibly. You may be asked to present a form of identification verifying your age; please have this ready when you hand in your waiver. Players must be 8 years of age to play low impact paintball and 10 years old for traditional paintball.
    3. Field Paint Only – this is another insurance restriction. Our paint doesn’t stain, is always fresh (paint is brought in weekly), and is field protected – meaning you can’t buy it anywhere else. If players are caught using their own paint, we ask you to put it back away and you will not be permitted to play until your hopper and pods are checked again. Mixing our paintballs in with old or outside paintballs will result in the dumping of the mixed paintballs. Any use of outside paintballs is grounds for dismissal from the property without refunds, no exceptions.paint
    4. Semi-Automatic, 10 bps cap @ 285fps. This means electronic ramp, burst modes, rebound modes, etc. are NOT permitted. You need to chronograph prior to play and several times throughout. Markers MUST be capped at 10bps max. These are safety precautions for all players. Players are responsible for knowing their settings and how to adjust them if you are bringing your own equipment.
    5. Barrel BAGS are mandatory. We no longer permit barrel plugs; all markers MUST have a barrel bag / barrel condom when not on the playing field. Additionally, any “Safety” features a marker has MUST be enabled as well, such as safety mechanism being engaged or the marker being turned off if it is an electronic model.
    6. Please don’t wear the color yellow! Our referees wear yellow, and wearing the same colors will cause confusion.
    7. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. Paintball and alcohol doesn’t mix, and isn’t permitted on our premises in the Pro Shop, Playing Fields, Staging Area, Safety Zones, Parking Lots, etc. There is no exception and we may have to ask you to empty your containers onto the ground.noalcohol
    8. No fighting, physical contact, or arguing with staff or other persons. Everyone is here to just have a good time and create fun memories. Don’t ruin it for someone else. If you think a referee or other staff member has wronged you, please bring it to a manager (we’re the people wearing Red Crusader Paintball “Staff” shirts). We’ll remedy the situation, we assure you.
    9. No refunds of any kind on paint sales or rental fees. Purchased goods can be returned with a receipt within 30 days of purchase, in un-opened condition. We will thoroughly inspect equipment to make sure it wasn’t used. Don’t be insulted, we just can’t sell something as new if it isn’t! All refunds will be in the form of store credit.
    10. Don’t pick paintballs up off the ground! It’s going to jam your marker (gun). No seriously it will; they absorb moisture and dirt much faster than you can imagine. You don’t want that to happen to you when you’re in the middle of a firefight!
    11. Overshooting a player is strictly forbidden. We will ask you leave the premises if this occurs. 1 paintball is enough to eliminate a player.
    12. No foul language! We have families and young kids out here. Keep foul language to your home please.
    13. Don’t climb trees, bunkers, etc. And don’t modify them either. Please report any unsafe playing conditions to your referee so we can take care of them
    14. No “lobbing shots” or shooting your marker at an upward angle. Our nets are excellent quality, but don’t go up hundreds of feet in the air (that would be hard to do). First of all, you won’t be able to lob a shot in, trust us, we know from experience. Second of all, intentionally shooting paintballs over the netting is dangerous.
    15. Surrender rule is in place – if you get behind a player on another team, and they are not aware of your location, don’t shoot! Just point your marker at the player and tell them they are eliminated. Shooting them from behind while they aren’t aware you are there is unsafe and can cause some serious injury. In most cases, a referee will automatically eliminate the player for you. Any shooting of players within 15 yards can be grounds for benching fora game up to dismissal from the field for repeat offenders.havefun2

If you aren’t sure about any of these rules, please call and ask. We will be happy to help!

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