MagFed and Pump Game Details

Hardcore Paintball has a new home

Pump and MagFed Games 2020 –

Keeping the good times rolling.

Get exclusive Pump and MagFed action at Crusader Paintball. We are continuing the Pump & MagFed Only games for 2020. These games will be the 3rd Saturday of every month. Featuring FirstStrike Rounds, exclusive missions and scenario-style games, new props, and a dedicated safe zone for all day play, get your fill of tactical action with other serious players. In 2020 we’re adding new game types, and planning a mini-scenario game type exclusive to our Pump and MagFed days.

Pump & MagFed Only games start at 10am until 4pm, just like our normal walk ons. Entry for Pump & MagFed games is now a reduced rate of $15 for a limited time only, and Paint Discounts for Entry Fees will be applied ($15/bag of 500 field, $17/ bag of 500 high grade, $19/bag for 500 tournament grade such as Graffiti).

Dates of 2020 Events:

March 21st
April 18th
May 16th
June 20th
July 18th
Aug 15th
Sept 19th
Oct 17th
Nov 21st
Dec 19th

MagFed Only Play at Crusader Paintball
What is MFOG?
MFOG means “Magazine Fed Only Game”. This describes the type of equipment to be used in the games; typically ‘standard’ size magazines, but NO hoppers permitted. These games take more communication, patience, and skill to be a successful player. Generally speaking there are more complex objectives in these games, which means most regular players are more experienced.
What about Pumps or Limited Ammo Hoppers?
Pump players ARE permitted, provided they are using a 50 or 10 round hopper (available in the ProShop for those who need one).
Do you have rentals?
At this time, we do not have rental 13ci/3000psi tanks, limited ammo hoppers, pump or magfed markers for rental. We hope to do so sometime in the near future!