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Thank you for visiting! This website is the official site for Crusader Paintball playing fields in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This marks the company’s fourth major site revision, and I couldn’t be more excited to show it to you. Our new redesign is focused on giving you, the visitor, a reliable source of information, a great easy way to book your paintball outing online, browse our store’s inventory, place and track orders, or catch up on the latest paintball news and gossip.

We have added to this version:

1) A new webstore! We wanted to implement this years ago, but to really develop a product worthy of our customers, it took years of testing, learning and building to get it right. I hope we got it right; we designed with the customer experience in mind first and foremost. The webstore’s inventory will be updated daily to ensure that you always see our up to date offerings, and can plan accordingly.

2) Online Reservations! We LOVE our birthday parties at Crusader Paintball, and take pride in offering a variety of ways to make your experience as hassle free as possible. Online reservations is just one more way to make your life more convenient. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can check availability and book your party on your own time. We know reaching us on the phone during our weird hours is difficult (which we hope to fix next year by the way), so this is just one more way to simplify and enhance your experience.

3) Online / Digital Waivers – We are going paperless! Slowly and surely at least. Filling out a paper waiver is best left to 2005… we are going to slowly push online waivers as our only method of checking in. We will have tablet devices (with keyboards) in our store to allow you to fill it online right then and there. Let’s save a few trees together eh? Plus, with new digital waivers, it now means we can store one waiver for an extended period of time. We’ll just check you in when you come in right from our main terminal. #technology

4) Blog and Social Content coming! Some people are aware of our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but we have been…shaky at best in providing you engaging content. We have developed a plan to start introducing some great new content, catered to our customers, that will explore all parts of the paintball industry. Trivia Tuesday contest was just the beginning…more to come!


And of course, we re-imagined our existing content to better help customers get an understanding of the fun we have here at Crusader Paintball. A simplified better-organized list of our pricing, easy to find contact information, and dozens of other small features that will raise your expectation of what a small business can offer you. For years, we’ve implored our friends, family and customers to always support local business. Now, it’s time for your favorite small paintball business to join the digital trend, and adopt. Welcome to the new digital Crusader Paintball.

Please, please, please feel free to interact, comment, share, or even message and give us feedback about our site. We are here for you, after all.

Thank you for your support!

~Sean, and the rest of the Crusader Management Team