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There are a lot of reasons for ‘FPO’ or ‘Field Paint Only’ policies. Generally, it comes down to one thing – ensuring total customer safety on our playing fields. We have this policy in place because of the nature and properties of a paintball. If it is not properly taken care of, the paintball deforms, and becomes less a safe gelatin capsule and more of a dangerous projectile. When exposed to high humidity or temperatures, the shell of the paintball will become softer, more rubbery. This is a serious issue because a softer shell makes paintballs bounce off the body, or rebound. This rebound causes a more painful sting than paintballs breaking naturally will. Additionally, paintballs that are old and exposed will deform, causing inconsistencies when firing. Such inconsistencies mean that paintballs are not traveling at an equal speed; for example one shot is 280 Feet-Per-Second and the next 300 Feet-Per-Second. As you can see, inconsistency can also be dangerous because you cannot be sure the marker is firing higher than the maximum speed.

So why can’t you bring paintballs from other places then? That is because not all paintballs are made the same. Additionally, there is no way to verify the age or the quality of storage of paintballs that we don’t supply. We have no idea if the Walmart you bought paintballs from stored their paintball case in a 90* 90% humidity location.

Therefore, we have a strict Field Paint Only policy which means that all paintballs you use must be purchased from us on the day of play. Not even paintballs that you purchased a week prior are allowed to be brought back, much less paintballs from a year ago, not even if they are sealed – because we simply cannot verify or tell if the paintballs were subject to poor storage conditions. Sorry, there is no ‘checking’ either… there is no way that wouldn’t possibly put someone at risk.

Therefore, if you have additional paintballs at the end of your stay, you may opt to have our retail staff store your paintballs for a return trip, up to one month. Who else offers to do that for you?

And lastly, we strive hard to provide a safe, clean facility without the mess and poor service of other fields. We employ local highschoolers to promote a local atmosphere, and our family-management team work tirelessly to provide an entertainment venue to our valued Bucks County residents. We hope you come back from time to time to see the investments we continually make to provide a more complete service. If you ever have suggestions or comments, please let us know! We’ll be happy to discuss it with you.